R.A.M. Management Sends Tax Reform Recommendations to Canadian Ministers

June, 2015

Our office, R.A.M. Management – Attorneys at Law sent a detailed letter to
the Canadian Minister of Finance and the Canadian Minister of Revenue making
extensive recommendations on how to lessen the burden of tax requirements
for Non-Resident Artists performing in Canada.

Over the past year our office has been increasingly concerned that the
increasing burden of tax requirements on Non-Resident Artists will result in
Non-Resident Artists losing interest in performing in Canada.

Among our recommendations are:

– Not applying withholding tax to deposits
– Eliminating penalties for failure to file T-4 Information Returns for
– Eliminating the need for Artists to file T-4 Information Returns in
certain circumstances.
– Reducing the penalties for failing to file a T-2 Tax Return
– Extending the scope of the Secondary Withholding exemption as proposed in
Budget 2015.

To see a copy of our letter, please click here: 

Letter To Canadian Ministers (Link)