By Canadian law, payers must withhold 15% of any fees paid to you for your performance(s) in Canada and remit this money to the Canadian Revenue Agency. The only way to retain all or part of this 15% tax is by obtaining a tax waiver.


Some of the main benefits in applying for a Canadian tax waiver:

  1. Completely eliminate or reduce the 15% withholding tax to be taken off your Canadian performance fee(s).
  2. Assist with touring cash-flow while traveling in Canada.
  3. Protect you from an assessment by the Canadian Revenue Agency that may obligate you to pay additional withholding taxes on any fees paid to staff or employees working for you on your Canadian tour.

Please visit our FAQ section for more detailed information about the benefits of a tax waiver and filing procedure. Here though are some basic examples of when it is helpful to apply for a Canadian tax waiver.

We will never recommend that you apply for a tax waiver unless we are fully confident that applying for the waiver will provide you with a benefit. We suggest that you contact us directly or send us a message through our “Get Advice” page so that we can assess your unique touring circumstance. We do not charge for any initial assessments. We only charge our service fees once you have authorized us to act on your behalf and such fees are factored into our assessment of whether or not we recommend you engaging our service to process your tax waiver.